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The Joys of PCOS and Immunity

I have not written in awhile because I had come down with the flu. I get the flu shot every year, but this year it did not work. I do believe that if I had not gotten the shot, that the flu would have been much worse. Having PCOS, there had been some evidence of a correlation of having decreased immunity. I was around my brother very briefly when he returned from Maryland and a couple days later, it hit me like a ton of bricks. I was not able to take vitamins because I was getting ready for my sinus surgery. Needless to say, that surgery has now been postponed for at least four more weeks. This will not work because I will be at the beginning of the one of the most crucial parts of school. I need to begin my testing to make it into the dissertation courses.

I have been struggling to get caught up this week. I have basically been sleeping the majority of it away. It has been hard to function. I am finally feeling like I am coming out of the other side of it.

There are some good things happening in life. We looked at houses tonight and have decided to put an offer on a four bedroom/three bathroom that we found about a mile away from where were are now. It is an older house and we have a lot of work to do to update it and make it look nice, but it has so much space for all of us. This will mean breaking the lease on where we live now, but it will be worth it. It had pretty much all of the musts that we had on our list. The basement has two rooms for our stepson to have his own privacy with his own bathroom. It has four bedrooms, so our little girl can have two rooms. They will not connect like they do now (but we could knock down part of one of the walls for that to happen). There are two living areas. The coolest part is the main area has a fireplace with shelving on both sides like on Sherlock. My husband and I are huge Sherlock fans and have decided that this will be our study.

Tomorrow we go to sign the papers at the attorney’s office to further the adoption of our stepson. This will allow us to set a court date for the adoption. We will also begin the adoption process of my stepdaughter. That way if there were to be anything to happen, she would be taken care of with me. Unfortunately, when my stepson’s mother passed away, the laws did not see my husband as his legal guardian even though he had been living with him. He was immediately kicked off of his insurance and lost all of the other benefits that my husband afforded him. This will fix this and make sure it never happens to my stepdaughter. I am actually really excited because I will be their adoptive mom. I will never try to take the place of their mom, I never wanted to. I just want to make sure that I am an adoptive mom that they can come to when they need something and to help them through the trials in life.

So, there is my update. Now my stepdaughter can stop asking when I am going to update. I still wish she’d let me get a picture of her adorable new hair cute!

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